Making Lent Work For You by Deacon Keith Fournier

Making Lent Work for You - E-Book (FREE PDF)

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Have you ever wondered why we even observe Lent? Do you know its origins? Do you see it is an imposition, rather than an invitation?

Making Lent Work for You, will change all that and help you, every year, experience Lent as an opportunity to grow in freedom and Christian maturity.

In a popular, practical and inspiring way, Deacon Keith Fournier opens up the meaning of Lent and it's power. The first in a "short books" series, Making Lent Work for You is a "must read" and makes a great gift.



Thank you so much for the free access of our catholic doctrines and teachings you imparted to us, your fellow saints on earth. I prayed that may God bless you to His ultimate grace that you deserved in your line of ministry... I am a fellow seafarer wanting to spread the teachings in my vicinity also... one day, I can extend my support when time permits me. Thank you ! Godspeed!


Good day! I am very happy that you give us free saints fun facts coloring book or pdf that we can print out. Thanks. May God bless your works of love.


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